December 14, 2009, 11:59 pm
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Welcome to you and welcome to me.  To all of me.  I’ve decided to start blogging again and this one won’t require me to sectionalize myself.

On a fundamental level I just don’t believe in sectionalizing and compartmentalizing myself or anyone else.  Everything is connected, you know?  And while my enthusiasm for, say, Irish moss powder doesn’t directly inform the pronoun I use to talk to God, I want space to talk about both.  And I want to feel free to draw connections between them if I so choose.

So this won’t be a queer blog or a vegetarian blog or anything super specific.  It’ll just be what I feel like posting.  With no self-imposed rules.

And that might mean that this project will go on for a week or two and then end.  Or maybe I’ll pick it back up in 6 months for a day or two and drop it again.  And I’ve decided that’s okay.  I won’t promise that I’ll continue this time, but why not give it another go?  Ultimately I would love to have readers, especially if they comment, but more than anything I just want to have a record of thoughts, a catalog of ideas and influences.  So however that goes, I’ve decided, is fine.

So in the next few days, I’ll be reposting old material to get things flowing.  I’ll schedule the posts ahead so that this comes out regularly for a while.  And I’ll start writing new material to add to the future posts.  And then I’ll see where this goes.

umm…. Yay.


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